Technical Writers

Our team of technical writers often acts as our private R&D detectives, piecing together project puzzles and deciphering complex ideas and concepts. As part of our start-up culture, they are continually solving problems, making sense of R&D technologies, and taking initiative every step of the way. At Sycamore Growth Group, we’re looking for applicants who can easily turn thoughts into writing and love to analyze and connect ideas. Our ideal candidate enjoys learning new things every day, exploring the hard sciences, and collaborating with a team of visionary individuals.

As one of Sycamore Growth Group’s technical writers, you will:

  • Create R&D project summaries: four- to six-page narratives that describe how the client overcame pressing technical barriers through R&D efforts.

  • Analyze R&D projects across a range of industries: manufacturing, software development, pharmaceutical creation, etc.

  • Interpret and organize supporting documentation, design specifications, test data results, audio interviews, etc.

  • Revise other team members’ project summaries.

Financial Analysts

Our financial analysts are part of a team that prides itself on embodying the sophistication of top accounting and consulting firms while keeping the trailblazing mindset of a start-up. The goal of a financial analyst is to formulate a strategy for calculating, filing, and defending any government incentives that can make an impact. We're looking for someone who is analytical, enjoys complex problem-solving, and has completed extensive coursework in accounting, finance, or economics.

As part of our analyst team, you will:

  • Collect, process, and compile accounting documentation and related information provided by clients.

  • Organize spreadsheets and summarize technical information.

  • Help maximize our clients' R&D tax credits according to federal guidelines.

  • Interact with our clients and understand how their companies operate.

  • Conduct interviews with our clients’ engineers and related technical staff to gather information necessary to document/summarize R&D projects.



For both the technical writing and financial analyst internships, we primarily hire students pursuing an undergraduate degree. Our interns have the opportunity to work flexible hours, receive competitive compensation, and collaborate with each other in a casual yet innovative environment. At Sycamore, our interns should feel valued and respected. That is precisely why we invest enough supervision and training that we can give our interns meaningful work. We expect high-quality results — and we have yet to be disappointed.

technical writer intern

All of our technical writer interns work closely with the rest of our technical writing team, often collaborating on several projects at a time. Our ideal applicant is self-motivated, unafraid to take initiative, and open to feedback. A background in English or engineering is preferred, though not required. 

As a technical writer intern for Sycamore Growth Group, you will:

  • Be part of a start-up environment.

  • Meet with clients and learn about their processes and departments.

  • Learn how to add clarity and conciseness to your writing.

  • Analyze company projects to show client R&D efforts.

  • Synthesize technical information and create project summaries.

  • Edit and revise project summaries, business presentations, inter-office correspondences, web pages, etc.


financial analyst intern

Our financial analyst interns work with our analyst team to develop audit workbooks and financial proof to secure tax credits for our clients. Our ideal candidate is adaptable around uncertainty, excellent at problem solving, and excited to tackle new challenges. A finance or accounting background is preferred, though not required.

As a financial analyst intern for Sycamore Growth Group you will:

  • Work closely with our team of analysts.

  • Use Microsoft Excel to create audit workbooks and sort through client data.

  • Use queries to categorize different projects.

  • Research and analyze financial data and articles.

  • Learn about the IRS tax code and relevant court cases.

  • Meet with clients to discuss company labor and expense reports.

  • Prove our clients have met IRS requirements to receive tax credits through financial data.

  • Use multiple strategies to compile qualified research expenses for our clients.

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